To Be Honest

I found these words spilling out of my mouth today. However, I hate when that sentence is uttered. When someone says it does it mean: I will be honest with you on this topic, at this moment or I normally lie but right now I am telling the truth.

When/where did this statement become popular and why. Is it a generational sentiment a phrase that will leave as time hails in a new equally redundant phrase.


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Missing Lance

2012-11-24 10.29.08

A little over a year ago I had to put my Husky to sleep. It was a hard choice to make but for it was best for my pet.  He was a trusting and loving dog, your typical husky that would run at the drop of a hat. I was so glad that the rescue had him microchipped, he was came home one way or the other.  As time passes and the healing continues, I remember the sweet and good times. Run fast Lance, but stay close.

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Balancing Act

Its been too long. I allowed myself to get busy and totally forgot/put off my goal of writing everyday. This is what happens along the way…life. My new goal is to live and not let the process of living get in the way of my desires and dreams. A person can have a balanced life and I will find out how that will look for me!

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Just a normal day in Virginia….Not

And in local news, an earthquake hit the eastern seaboard with the epicenter miles from my house. This may be one of the biggest earthquake in history for our area.  Minor damage occurred to home & my family, friends, and pets appear to be well.

Now this is something to be happy about!


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Chicken Statue – Crazy things seen from the car on way to work…

Nine foot chicken seen on route 33. Needless to say.. “It made me smile!”

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Fake It Till You Make It

I have always believed in the phrase “Fake It Till You Make It”.

Can a person “fake it” so long that you forget about the end result. How does a person determine when the faking actions stop and and you are truly making it.  Truly happy, being comfortable in your skin.

I don’t think I have felt comfortable in my skin for quite a long time. Over the last 14 years, personal happiness has lost its meaning and centered around the duties of everyday life.

This is my personal journey to rediscovering happiness. I will try to post daily, some posts may be pictures, a saying that made me smile, an inspirational story, or just my thoughts. No rules will be followed… Except one – all posts must be positive and stay true to the goal of finding the elements in life that make me feel happy and loved.

Be blessed in your day!

Note to readers: I am not a professional writer. If you have writing suggestions, I would love to hear them.




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Just a friendly welcome message to you. Hope everyone has a wonderful day today!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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